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About Central Piers Inc.

Central Piers Inc. has led the mobile home foundation and parts industry in design and manufacturing of set up products since 1973. Our unique products have paved the way for homeowners to be able to economically set a manufactured home on a private property or in a community with the introduction of steel piers and the revolutionary patented CP Seismic Pier TM Mobile Home Permanent Foundation System and Earthquake Resistant Bracing System. Our systems are designed both for strength, ease of installation, and meet all engineering requirements of California Building Codes and nationwide H.U.D. Standards.

The CP Seismic Pier TM remains very popular with home owners and finance agencies for mobile home foundations due to it’s stellar reputation as a cost effective alternative to the labor and cost extensive poured concrete mobile home foundation system.

While you may see a few “Copy-Cat” systems out there, in our opinion, Central Piers products are still the original, and the best anyone has to offer. Make sure it says “Central Piers” on the label. When it comes to mobile home Foundation and Tie-Down systems, Central Piers takes pride in our engineering, resisting uplift, overturn, lateral, sliding and vertical forces. With Pre-approved plans, fast delivery, and our long-term outstanding reputation in the industry, Central Piers is ready to serve you.

We have subsequently designed, patented, and manufactured the CP Anchor Pier TM Tie-Down System, and the CP Anchor Brace TM Tie-Down System both of which are very popular.

We pride ourselves on being a mobile home parts dealer with old fashioned, family friendly service. Please visit our store for all your mobile home parts needs. As you will find while visiting our store, we offer very competitive pricing to homeowners and we also offer wholesale pricing to licensed contractors and manufactured home communities. No matter where you are, we can get you the product you need with our local and nation wide delivery service.

Please visit our store or call us for a complete list of our mobilehome Foundation, mobile home Tiedown, and set up parts and supplies. Mobile Home Parts & Supplies are what we do best. Check-out our new line of mobile home windows and mobile home doors.


We also offer a full line of hard-to-find mobile home plumbing supplies as well as manufactured home roofing products and underlayment. We try to offer our customers the very latest in mobile home supplies and parts for the manufactured home industry.


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